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Serious crash leaves at least 1 badly injured in Connecticut

When a person gets behind the wheel while intoxicated, he or she puts the lives of others at risk. Unfortunately, some people believe that it's perfectly acceptable to do so, even though there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.

For example, take this incident that nearly cost at least one person her life. A five-car crash caused by an intoxicated driver seriously injured at least one person, according to a June 19 report. The accident, which was allegedly caused by a 44-year-old man, happened when he was driving dangerously near East Main Street and Quintard Terrance. The driver was with one passenger, 40, at the time.

Take these 5 steps to reduce the risk of a crash

There are many times when car accidents are unavoidable. Even if you take every precaution, you can't make someone else obey the rules of the road. As someone who has been in an accident, you have a right to pursue compensation from the person responsible for your accident. If someone you love is killed in an accident, you may be able to seek compensation in their stead.

Although much of what happens on the road is the result of other drivers' actions, you can take steps to prevent accidents. How? Here are a few ideas.

Did Connecticut ban conversion therapy?

Medical malpractice comes in many forms, but one thing that you may not have thought about is how changing laws can impact malpractice cases. For example, in the past, anti-gay therapy was used to try to convert those with homosexual tendencies to heterosexuality. This was a horrible treatment that left many people suicidal and at risk of injuring themselves.

Today, it's been recognized that this therapy is not therapy at all and is damaging to people in Connecticut. That's why there has been a unanimous passage of a ban that prohibits conversion therapy in the state.

Fight for what you deserve after a crash with a drunk driver

You headed out for a night on the town knowing that there would be people intoxicated around you, but you didn't think anyone would be on the roads while drunk. Unfortunately, one of those drivers collided with you as you crossed the street, and now you have serious injuries that need consistent, long-term care.

As a victim of a drunk driver, there are a number of things you need to know. First, you may be offered a settlement quickly after you are injured. Insurance companies generally want to settle for as little as possible, which helps them meet their bottom line. Unfortunately, you won't know the extent of your injuries or how much care you'll need right away. If you accept a settlement, you will likely be unable to pursue further compensation and could end up paying for much of your care out of pocket.

A settlement offer: You should consider your options closely

There's nothing quite as terrifying as realizing you're going to be hit by a tractor-trailer. These vehicles weigh thousands of pounds, and they have the ability to crush your vehicle on impact. If the truck rolls, it can completely collapse your vehicle's frame, trapping or pinning you inside.

After your accident, you had to be removed from your vehicle with the Jaws of Life. You suffered severe injuries, and you've been in the hospital for quite some time recovering. Now, you just want to know what to expect when the insurance company contacts you.

What happens to the body when a car collides with another?

When you're in a car crash, there are many things that occur. Depending on the type of impact, you could be killed or suffer severe injuries. What exactly happens to your body?

Science can explain that. When you are in a vehicle, your body is traveling at the same speed as the vehicle. If you're moving at 50 mph, then your body is as well. When the vehicle stops quickly, your body keeps moving, which is why you should wear a seat belt.

Teen killed in rollover accident in Connecticut

It's always a tragedy when a teenager or child is killed in a car accident. Parents and families feel the pain of the loss, and entire communities who participated in the child or teen's upbringing, schooling and other activities mourn the loss. In many cases, the death is made worse knowing that it could have been prevented.

This happened in Connecticut when a Ledyard High School student was killed in a car crash. The teen had been a passenger in a vehicle with a 17-year-old at around 4:12 p.m., when the teen lost control of the vehicle and rolled it. The Ford Ranger pickup was flipped when the police arrived.

How do you file a medical malpractice claim?

You've been hurt because of your doctor's negligence, so you want to file a medical malpractice claim. You know that each state is different, so what do you have to do to file a claim in Connecticut?

It's a good idea to work with your attorney when you want to file a claim, because medical malpractice cases can become complicated. Connecticut requires a certificate of good faith to be filed with any medical malpractice lawsuit, so you will need to obtain one before you can file your claim.

You have a right to pursue a claim after a fatal crash

After a fatal car accident, an investigation has to take place. You're reeling from the loss of a loved one, and the outcome of this investigation can help you move forward with a claim.

There are several things that happen when a fatal accident is investigated. One thing that the investigators do is look at the skid marks. Skid marks show that at least one driver tried to stop quickly, and they can show the speeds of the vehicles as well as what may have caused the accident.

Schools are required to keep children safe on the premises

When you send your child to school, you do so with the notion that your child will be protected against harm. If your child ends up suffering an injury, it's possible that you could sue the school. The school is typically liable for any injuries a child suffers on its premises.

Schools are obligated to keep their premises safe. That means that if a stairway is slick after mopping, a sign needs to be placed in the area and students need to be warned. If a playground has unsafe equipment, that equipment should be blocked off from students and they should not be allowed to use it. If a student faces danger from broken desk pieces or other hazards, it's the school's responsibility to make sure those hazards are repaired and that the child stays safe.

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