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What should you do if you're in a crash with a truck?

Trucks are incredibly large, heavy vehicles, and if they're involved in crashes, they can cause serious injuries and deaths. The destruction that can be caused by vehicles this size is scary, which is why drivers have to be properly trained to be behind the wheel.

Federal and state laws both regulate the trucking industry. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has its own regulations as does the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). On top of that, each state has its own rules for intrastate travel.

How can truck drivers be safer on the roads?

When a truck driver is safe, he or she protects many people on the roads from danger. When he or she isn't, the negligent acts performed during driving can result in crashes. What should drivers be doing to keep people safe? There are actually a number of suggestions drivers can follow.

For example, if you've ever been at an intersection and had a close-call with a truck, you know that drivers have to make turns that are difficult. Drivers can help avoid a collision by giving you time to back up if you're in the truck's path and by slowing down. Making eye contact can also guarantee that motorists are aware that the truck is switching lanes or moving in another way.

File a claim as soon as possible to avoid running out of time

If you're hurt by someone in the medical community, there is a chance that you can file a medical malpractice claim. If you decide that you want to do so, then you need to understand the time limits that are in place. If you do not file your lawsuit within a certain time frame, you may lose your right to do so forever.

Statutes of limitations apply to medical malpractice cases. Usually, these limitations are shorter than other kinds of cases, so it's important to start your case as soon as possible once you know you want to file a claim. Every court views the statute of limitations a little differently, so some may argue that the time limit begins once the injuries are recognized as being from the medical error while others start the time limit from the moment you should have known about the injury. Others believe the time limit begins as soon as the actions to cause the error took place.

Schools must supervise children to avoid lawsuits for negligence

When you were a child, you probably loved playing games in gym class. You got to play kickball and fun games like dodgeball. What makes these games fun is that there is enough oversight to prevent injuries. If there isn't, then there is a major potential for serious injuries or even unintentional deaths.

In schools, supervision is a must. When a parent sends a child to school, he or she believes that the school will keep their child or children safe. When that doesn't happen, there is a fine line between an accident and negligence.

Halloween is a danger to young children for many reasons

With Halloween stores popping up all around town, you've probably realized the holiday is just a few short months away. Soon, kids will be piling into cars and walking around neighborhoods in their handmade and store-bought costumes. While that's great for the economy and a good way for neighborhoods to come together, it's also a danger to the children who participate in the holiday.

There are many reasons why Halloween is dangerous for children, from costumes that aren't flame retardant to glow-stick injuries that cause toxic poisoning. The news reports a particular concern about the risks of choking and candy-related incidents, too.

Suspect arrested after fatal crash in Bridgeport

There is nothing more heartbreaking than finding out someone you love has passed away. It's even more tragic when it could have been prevented, like if your loved one was in a traffic accident.

In this case, one person was killed as a result of another person's actions. A suspect in a Bridgeport accident has been taken into custody following a serious collision that resulted in a fatality. The Aug. 11 report described the scene at Railroad Avenue, where the suspect, allegedly fleeing from police, caused the fatal accident.

6-vehicle crash leaves 3 with injuries in Connecticut

Car crashes can change lives in a moment. Many of them are avoidable, especially when it comes to those in intersections. If drivers pay attention, take turns or follow the appropriate signals and stay aware of their surroundings, it's possible to avoid most accidents completely.

It's not clear what caused this accident, but it resulted in multiple people suffering injuries and someone will be held accountable. At the intersection of Trout Brook Drive and Albany Avenues, a six-car accident sent several people to the hospital. According to the news report about the scene, the accident took place at around 4:00 p.m.

How can you prevent a child from getting hurt?

Children are accident prone, there's no question about that. Despite their inexperience in the world, children must be protected as much as possible from unnecessary accidents. When negligence or a lack of oversight leads to injuries, parents may be in a position to file a claim against those responsible.

What is the most common cause of childhood injuries?

Man faces charges for fatal motorcycle accident in Connecticut

When you ride a motorcycle, you know you're at a higher risk of being involved in an accident because it's harder to see you. You take the time to wear appropriate gear and to ride during light hours, but that doesn't mean all drivers will be courteous to you. Some may be negligent or distracted, which can lead to a serious, life-changing collision.

In a recent case, a 67-year-old man accused of causing a fatal motorcycle accident now faces charges. According to the news from July 12, the 67-year-old man from East Haven was arrested on July 12 in relation to a fatal motor vehicle accident that occurred in April.

Liability and play dates: What parents need to know

Your children have been nagging you to let their friends come over to try out their new playground equipment in the backyard. You have a pool and many fun things to do. As a parent, you know that the items you allow your children to play with have their own risks, but it's ones you're willing to allow. Would other parents feel the same? If a child gets hurt at your house, will you be held liable?

The truth is that it depends on the situation. If you're particularly worried about what a parent might do if a child gets hurt, you could ask that those who send over their children fill out a waiver. Typically, that's unnecessary, because unless you've been negligent in maintaining the equipment, pool or toys, it would be hard to prove that you should be held liable.

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