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child injury Archives

How can you prevent a child from getting hurt?

Children are accident prone, there's no question about that. Despite their inexperience in the world, children must be protected as much as possible from unnecessary accidents. When negligence or a lack of oversight leads to injuries, parents may be in a position to file a claim against those responsible.

Liability and play dates: What parents need to know

Your children have been nagging you to let their friends come over to try out their new playground equipment in the backyard. You have a pool and many fun things to do. As a parent, you know that the items you allow your children to play with have their own risks, but it's ones you're willing to allow. Would other parents feel the same? If a child gets hurt at your house, will you be held liable?

Schools are required to keep children safe on the premises

When you send your child to school, you do so with the notion that your child will be protected against harm. If your child ends up suffering an injury, it's possible that you could sue the school. The school is typically liable for any injuries a child suffers on its premises.

You can pursue a claim on behalf of an injured child

Your child was crossing the street in a residential area. He was riding a skateboard, which many kids in the neighborhood do. A driver speeding down the road didn't notice your child. He hit him, causing a serious accident and injuries to your child.

Hartford school system scrutinized for underreporting abuse

No parent wants to think that his or her child could be hurt at school. If a child is hurt, then a parent would expect the school to report the harassment or negative behavior to the proper authorities. That's allegedly not what happened in these cases.

What should you do if a child is bitten by a dog?

Dog bites affect around 4 million people every year, with around one in five of those bites resulting in serious injuries that require medical attention. Children are more likely to be bitten than adults for a number of reasons, and on top of that, the injuries they suffer are more likely to be severe.

What do you do after your child is hurt in a bus accident?

School bus accidents shouldn't happen, but the truth is that they do take place and for a number of reasons. Sometimes bus drivers haven't slept enough; other times they're distracted. Sometimes other drivers cause the accident. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimated that there were 1,214 fatal bus crashes involving school transportation vehicles between 2004 and 2013.

Amusement parks: Thrills or terror after summer of accidents?

The summer is a great time to head to amusement parks, but a fun day out can quickly sour if something goes wrong. Amusement park safety has been scrutinized recently due to a number of accidents that have taken place. At least five kids have been killed or injured on rides in the week leading up to Aug.14, and a sixth child was hurt in May.

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