When Alcohol Is A Factor In An Accident

Investigating and identifying negligence in a drunk driving accident claim often leads to the bar, restaurant or liquor store that sold/served alcohol to the individual responsible for the collision.

While drivers have a responsibility to stay off the road after drinking, establishments that provide liquor to noticeably impaired patrons must be held accountable for their actions.

Liquor Liability Lawyers Serving Waterbury

Known as dram shop liability claims, these complex personal injury lawsuits require a law firm with trial attorneys possessing the skills and resources to pursue courtroom litigation. Sheffy, Mazzaccaro, DePaolo & DeNigris, L.L.P., is that type of firm. Under the leadership of Hartford dram shop liability lawyer Tony Sheffy, we understand how to win these cases and get compensation for our injured clients.

Overcoming The Challenges

A dram shop claim requires an immediate and thorough investigation. Tony Sheffy and his team of experienced Hartford drunk driving accident attorneys possess the resources and experience necessary to fully establish an establishment's liability. Time is of the essence in securing witness testimony and physical evidence of the actual sale of the alcohol and its direct relation to serious injuries and property damage.

Proving dram shop liability claims presents challenges. Elevated blood alcohol levels must link directly to excessive drinking at a bar or restaurant. Witness accounts must be firsthand, requiring testimony from patrons. In some cases, bartenders and wait staff may come forward to provide their account of the events that led up to a tragic accident.

Questions About Restaurant Or Liquor Store Liability In Connecticut?

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