Recovering Compensation After Drunk Driving Accidents

Drinking and driving is a reckless act that puts many people's lives in danger. Any time a drunk driver injures or kills someone, it is a senseless loss. Victims injured by drunk drivers may need legal representation to secure their own justice.

While responsibility is placed upon the drunk driver, dram shop liability claims can also be filed against bars and restaurants that may have responsibility for putting the intoxicated driver on the road.

Based in Southington, Sheffy, Mazzaccaro, DePaolo & DeNigris, LLP, is a personal injury firm focused exclusively on helping injured people. Hartford drunk driving accident lawyer Tony Sheffy, founding partner, is a respected attorney with a track record of achieving positive results for clients in Waterbury, Bristol and throughout the state.

Understanding Drunk Driving Accident Lawsuits

Drunk driving is, first of all, a crime. It can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony in criminal courts throughout the state of Connecticut. Severe punishment for first-time and habitual offenders includes jail sentences, fines and the loss of a driver's license. Convictions can impact everything from insurance rates to job pursuits.

If the person who injured you is convicted in criminal court, your personal injury lawsuit is made much simpler. The standard of proof in a civil case is far less than a criminal one, so a driver who is criminally convicted is nearly always civilly liable as well. Our Hartford attorneys will monitor the criminal case against the driver who hit you, and we will use it to our advantage whenever possible.

Working Toward Full Compensation

Those who drink and drive drunk endanger the lives of others on the road. Trials are often the best means to maximize compensation. In addition to medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, punitive damages may often be pursued. This sends a strong message to the responsible party.

Drunk driving accident claims create legal complexities beyond catastrophic injuries that often involve traumatic brain damage or severe burns. Some intoxicated drivers — particularly habitual offenders — lack insurance coverage, requiring an attorney committed to maximizing compensation by creative strategies in securing damages.

Free Consultation With A Waterbury Drunk Driver Injury Lawyer

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