Recovering Punitive Damages After A Drunk Driving Accident

Punitive damages may be available to an injured person in drunk driving accidents. Claims for punitive damages send a strong message to the reckless party who chooses to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol as well as others who regularly choose to drink and drive.

Pursuing compensation in the form of punitive damages requires an experienced trial attorney who prepares all personal injury cases for the courtroom.

Hartford lawyer Tony Sheffy, founding partner of Sheffy, Mazzaccaro, DePaolo & DeNigris, LLP, has handled many drunk driving accident cases where punitive damages were involved. He possesses a track record of success securing verdicts and settlements in the millions of dollars, with punitive damages making up a great deal of that amount.

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What Are 'Punitive Damages'?

In most car accident cases, the injured person recovers compensatory damages; in other words, money to compensate him or her for medical costs, property damage and other costs of the crash. But, in drunk driving accidents, the court may want to award more than that.

In such cases, the drunk driver can be made to pay punitive damages, which can be thought of as "punishment." When you hear in the news that someone received millions of dollars after being hurt in a crash, most of that money is punitive damages.

Limitations On Punitive Damages

Challenges exist in pursuing punitive damages. Most insurance company policies contain clauses that exempt the company from liability for punitive damages. As a result, damages must be sought individually from the drunk driver. Rarely does an individual possess enough money to actually pay such damages.

Representation from a skilled Hartford lawyer is vital when acts of negligence result in catastrophic injuries and death. There are times for negotiation in finding a middle ground and securing a settlement. There are also legal matters that require a more aggressive approach to achieve justice and maximize compensation against drunk drivers.

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