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Drivers Beware: Blizzard Warnings for Connecticut

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Winter weather is again bringing dangerous conditions to Connecticut and much of the east Coast. The National Weather Service has issues blizzard warning and many cities have declared snow emergencies. And many parents will need to cope with the additional complication of early dismissals or school closings on Monday.

Connecticut motorists will have to deal with potentially heavy snow, with as much as 30 inches in some parts of the state by Wednesday. If you are driving to any of the airport in the region, you should check with your carrier first, as hundreds of cancellations have already been announced.

For drivers, blizzards are always dangerous. Although they may reduce the number of car accidents caused by speeding, as it is difficult to drive very fast in 15 inches of snow, they can cause numerous other headaches for drivers.

Collisions still are likely when heavy snow obscures visibility and creates whiteout conditions. When one driver spins out or slows unexpectedly, a deadly chain-reaction crash can be triggered.

With temperatures expected in the teens, another danger for drivers is ice forming on road surfaces, and then being covered by layers of snow. Bridge decks and curves in the road can become treacherous for drivers as they suddenly lose control of their vehicle.

Extra caution is advisable when driving in these conditions. Driver slower and maintain a safe following distance. Rear-ending another vehicle is your fault, no matter how snowy it is, and even a minor crash can do extensive and expensive damage to your vehicle, running your day and your week.

If serious injuries occur, you could ruin much more than your schedule and the cost of your insurance premiums., “Approaching Blizzard Prompts Early Dismissals, School Closures,” January 26, 2015