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Winter is a hazard to drivers as they travel

When you travel, you know there's always a risk of an accident, but you usually don't think it's going to happen to you. With winter here, it's more important than ever to realize that you are in danger every time you get on the roads.

There are ways to help reduce the risk to you and your family, even if you're just driving locally. Slowing down, watching out for drivers from out of state and avoiding distractions all help keep you safe and on the road.

Preventing biking injuries: Encouraging safety

Biking safety education is one way to help keep your child safe. Children often ride bikes, many more often than adults. As a result, they're at a higher risk of getting into a crash, especially if they ride near roadways.

Biking-related injuries are the injuries most often seen in emergency rooms around the country for anyone between the ages of 5 and 14. Only around 45 percent of children 14 and under wear a helmet, which increases the likelihood of a serious head injury.

Driving safe in the winter helps prevent crashes

Winter weather is here, and with it comes many dangers on the roads. Storms impact different regions in a variety of ways, and some areas are better prepared than others. While your area might be well-equipped to handle ice and snow, there are still some things you should know about being safe in the winter.

One thing to think about is, of course, the ice and snow. Accumulating snow makes it hard to see the road or ditches that may follow the roads. Someone sliding on ice could end up in a snowbank, which is difficult to get out of. Along with snow and ice come cold, which can freeze liquids in your vehicle and cause hypothermia if you're caught without heat. Remember to keep an emergency safety kit. You should keep emergency blankets, food and water on hand in case your vehicle stalls or you're in an accident and have to wait for help to arrive.

Can you sue if you're hurt in an emergency room?

When you go to the emergency room, you're in the most dire need. You're in pain, feeling sick and aren't thinking clearly. You don't want to wait any longer, and you'd do whatever someone tells you if it would help you feel like yourself again.

The problem with emergency rooms is that there is a high risk of malpractice and misdiagnoses. These doctors and nurses see patients only for a short time. Some are meeting patients for the first time in the most dire of circumstances. They have to make decisions, and sometimes, those decisions are wrong.

Traumatic events impact children in the long term

Traumatic events affect children for many years into the future. When your child suffered injuries in a car crash, you thought that he was fine, but over time, you have noticed that he isn't acting normally. Your child has become more withdrawn and sometimes acts out at school. While that might be attributed to him being a growing boy, it could also be a sign that he's not recovering well from the traumatic event.

Children aren't always good at verbalizing how they feel, so they can only act out in expectation of a response. Kids might become overly attentive to your needs or become defiant just because they don't know how to express themselves. They can't regulate their moods well, so that could result in outbursts or unexpected behaviors.

Hit-and-run driver turns himself in following fatal crash

It's a horrible thought to think about anyone getting hit by a car. It's even worse to think about what would happen if no one stopped at the scene. There's no excuse for someone hitting another person and then fleeing.

This story out of Connecticut shows a real problem that might have happened within the police force itself. According to the Nov. 22 news, an officer may have known that his brother, a suspect in the collision, had been drinking prior to a hit-and-run crash. That officer is now being investigated by internal affairs, which is trying to find out if he purposefully delayed telling police about his brother's potential involvement in the collision.

Why is an attorney helpful after a car accident?

Millions of people in America drive, and many people do so daily. They may drive to get to work or to pick up their kids from school. They may need to travel for work or need to get behind the wheel to run errands.

No matter what the reason is, the fact is that driving is a necessity in American culture. Not surprisingly, the need to drive also leads to accidents. These accidents can be minor or lead to fatalities.

Trucks collide and burst into flames; 1 injured

When trucks travel on the roads, they are a higher risk to others than smaller vehicles. If a truck goes out of control, it takes up multiple lanes, has the potential to block traffic and could collide with many different people or things.

Take for example this crash involving two tractor-trailers. The vehicles collided at around 5:00 a.m., between exits 16 and 17 on Interstate 84. At the time, one of the trucks caught fire.

Police chase ends in the tragic death of a 54-year-old man

When a driver is acting erratically, it's normal for the police to go out of their way to try to pull that person over. If the individual won't pull over, the police sometimes use special tactics to make the vehicle come to a stop.

If they're unable to get the driver to stop and they are approaching a town or intersections, it's normal for the officers to stop the pursuit. Doing so helps prevent further collisions or more erratic behaviors from the driver.

Merritt Parkway not suitable for large trucks due to low bridges

When low overpasses run across highways, there's no way that large vehicles can fit under them. Trying to do so puts others in danger, since the vehicle could end up colliding with the bridges and walkways. Slamming on the brakes to prevent a crash could actually cause one, too.

A fatal accident in Greenwich shows that trucks shouldn't go on the Merritt Parkway. According to the story, there are signs that prohibit commercial vehicles from entering the highway, but that doesn't stop all drivers from entering. On Merritt Parkway, there are low-hanging overpasses, and that's a problem because of the height of semi-trailers.

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