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Man arrested after fleeing police in Hartford

It's a shock any time a police chase occurs. People know that they shouldn't flee, yet they do anyway. This puts them and others at risk of being in a crash.

The man in this case has been a danger to himself and others more than once, according to the police. A man in Hartford has been arrested following a police chase. According to the April 28 report, the man had stolen a pickup truck and became involved in a police chase when they approached his stopped vehicle after a person reported that someone could be in medical distress inside the vehicle. When he awoke with officers speaking to him, he began to drive away, hitting a nearby firetruck.

Does a medical malpractice claim pay?

Medical malpractice cases are always some of the worst for patients and medical providers alike. Medical providers are only human, so making a mistake is something that could easily happen. Victims are left with pain and losses that they have to deal with, too.

Medical malpractice does tend to lead to lawsuits and settlements, but the reality is that not many cases result in a payout. The rate of paid claims is down in the United States, dropping by a shocking 56 percent between 1992 and 2014. Despite that, the payout for those who succeed is extremely high, with an average of $353,000 paid to victims.

First on the scene: What to do to help after a serious crash

Something no one wants to witness is a serious crash between two or more vehicles or vehicles and pedestrians. Crashes happen in seconds, and what happens in the seconds following them may determine who lives and dies.

As someone who is the first on the scene, it's important to know what you should do. Right away, it's a good idea to call 911. Even if others have done so already, you need to make sure the call is placed. It's better to be sure than to find out no one called.

Why does a rollover crash happen?

You were traveling on the highway when another vehicle attempted to enter your lane too close to the front of your car. You quickly slammed on your brakes and swerved to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, that only resulted in a crash with another vehicle and then sent you rolling down an embankment.

Rollover accidents like this are one of the most dangerous kinds of accidents. There's a serious potential for injury and death. These complex crashes aren't common in cars, but they do happen.

Pressure sores: What to know about this preventable condition

Pressure sores, also known as bedsores or pressure ulcers, are injuries that occur due to pressure on a bone, skin and tissues over time. Since there is no circulation, the sores develop. Over time, this could lead to several serious complications.

Sores are bad enough on their own, but they can also lead to cellulitis and osteomyelitis. These are infections of the skin and bone that can be extremely painful and lead to further complications such as sepsis or death. Cellulitis leads to weeping wounds that crack or split open, while osteomyelitis causes pain when pressing on the infected area.

Staying safe on the roads: Tips to avoid a collision

It's fairly obvious that all drivers want to avoid getting into crashes. People don't want to get hurt, and they generally do not want to hurt others. Preventing accidents is easy, though, with the right education.

With simple steps like wearing your seat belt and limiting the number of passengers in your vehicle, it's possible to avoid collisions, injuries and deaths if you are struck. Here are a few other things to keep in mind:

Winter hazards aren't gone yet, be prepared to protect yourself

The winter is nearly over, but even in spring, there is a risk of a winter weather-related accident. Snow, sleet, ice and freezing temperatures make the roads risky for anyone, even the most experienced drivers. To stay safe, you need to prepare yourself for wet, slick roads and other drivers.

Every year, 1,300 people are killed in motor vehicle accidents that take place on icy, snowy or slushy pavement. These conditions are of a predictable nature, but yet they still result in crashes every year. Around 24 percent of all weather-related crashes occur in these conditions.

What should you do if a dog is going to attack?

When a dog attacks, you may be completely caught off-guard. Whether it's a random dog that attacks you on a run or a friend's pet who gets upset over a toy or item on your clothing, the reality is that a dog attack can happen seemingly out of nowhere. If you're not prepared, there's a high risk of serious injuries that the owner of the pet will be held liable for in most cases.

Before an attack, you can often see a dog preparing to take action against its perceived threat. For example, you may notice it back away from you when you reach out to it or see it tuck its tail. It may growl, bark or raise its lips to expose its teeth. Dogs may also freeze or suddenly lunge, showing you that they are frightened or taking action to get rid of the threat they're sensing.

Wrong-way driver leads to injuries after entering the highway

When a driver is too tired, inebriated or otherwise incapable of driving, he or she should not be on the roads. Even if a driver is attempting to be safe, errors made could put others at risk.

Take, for example, wrong-way drivers. These drivers enter the highway or a roadway on the wrong side, driving against the flow of traffic. It's extremely dangerous; even though drivers can see the person coming, they may not be expecting him or her to be in the way. That leads to serious collisions.

How much does a crash impact the economy?

When you think about someone dying in a car accident, you initially imagine the pain and suffering you'd go through. Then, you begin to think about the financial impact that it would have on your family. The financial impact of a wrongful death doesn't stop there, though.

In fact, wrongful deaths cost money due to hospital expenses, road clean-up from the collision and other factors. Traffic accidents, on the whole, are responsible for up to $1 trillion in expenses each year. These expenses are doled out to the victims along with others in the United States.

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