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Connecticut's prison population victims of low staffing

In Connecticut's prisons, it has long been alleged that prisoners were not receiving the care that they needed. Health care workers in the state have now called attention to the low staffing levels at these facilities. Not having enough staff to handle the inmate population could be one reason for the incidences of poor health care in the prison system.

On Sept. 18, social workers, nurses and medical staff came together at the state Department of Corrections (DOC) in an attempt to draw attention to the problems inherent in the unsafe staffing levels. One registered nurse said it was like a powder keg just waiting to blow, because there is no nurse on the night shift where she works in Enfield. She says there are currently inmates who require large doses of insulin, but without enough staff, that poses a problem. The prison's population is 1,200 people. That's why it is so problematic that there is no nurse on duty between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. at that facility.

What should you know about cat bites?

Childhood injuries are fairly common, but some are more significant than others. One that is particularly dangerous is a cat bite. Although children may not tell their parents about these bites right away, even what appears to be a minor bite could lead to serious injury.

Cat bites are easily infected because of the nature of the wound. They're usually deep and penetrating, but because they're puncture wounds, the skin on top seals in bacteria quickly. This means that there is a higher likelihood of infection if the wound is not treated and the child does not receive antibiotics quickly.

Woman dies in hit-and-run crash, police seize vehicle

If you were ever hit by a vehicle, you'd hope that the person who struck you would stop and assist you in getting medical care. At the very least, you'd want someone to acknowledge that you were hurt, even if they didn't believe the crash was their fault.

Sometimes, people flee the scene of serious accidents, but this is a horrible thing to do. It can leave a person without care for a period of time that could be vital to them surviving the incident.

Old guardrail slices through vehicle: Age a concern

Sometimes, car crashes are so significant that the trauma is something most people can't imagine. There may be unusual circumstances that lead to particularly gruesome injuries or deaths, which is something no one wants to have to be a witness to.

In an Aug. 23 report, the severity of a person's injuries drew into question the safety of guardrails in car crashes. The crash, which happened in Massachusetts, could have happened anywhere in the country. The guardrail impaled the vehicle upon impact after the driver swerved to miss an animal.

Adjusting to parenthood after an injury

Getting injured can seriously alter your life and put a halt to the routine you have become accustomed to. This is devastating enough for one person, but when you have a family relying on you, the consequences can affect them, too. This is especially true for parents—whether your kids are six or 16, you may struggle to resume parenting in the same way you did before you were injured. 

The following are three ways you can adjust to life after an injury as a parent. Whether you are recovering or the consequences of the injury are permanent, these tips can help you overcome some of the most common challenges that injured parents face. 

Are cat bites serious even though they're minor?

When you see your child reach out to a friend's cat and get bit, your initial response is simply to get your child away and to make sure the wound stops bleeding. Initially, it may not seem significant, especially if there is only a single puncture or the wound seems like it isn't bleeding a lot.

The reality about cat bites is that they're extremely dangerous because of the propensity for infection. Puncture wounds harbor infection because bacteria in the saliva is pushed deep into the wound, and there are few places where they can escape the body. As the skin heals, the wound may still be infected or beginning to become infected inside, essentially trapping the infection inside the body.

1 killed in fatal crash in New Haven

Car crashes can happen at almost any time and anywhere. People cause crashes for any number of reasons from feeling unwell and not paying attention to the road to texting and driving.

When crashes involve more than one vehicle, it's much more likely that someone will get hurt or killed. The force of multiple vehicles multiplies the chances of getting hurt and having multiple injuries as a result of the impact.

Man faces charges for crash resulting in 2 children's injuries

Car crashes can happen for a number of reasons, but in cases involving children, they have to be scrutinized. Watching children go through the difficulties of a crash with serious injuries is hard for everyone from families to authorities to the doctors who treat them.

That's why the law is so hard on those who cause injuries to children, even in the case that they are accidental. Take, for example, this case. A man from Connecticut has been charged in a crash that caused injuries to two children. According to an Aug. 8 report, the crash took place nearby to 1400 Whitney Avenue on St. Patrick's Day in 2018. The 34-year-old man had been speeding in his vehicle when he struck a pole and rolled it.

Rain: A slick, dangerous weather condition

When you're traveling on a highway, you're likely surrounded by larger vehicles like semitrucks and other commercial vehicles. These vehicles are heavy and loaded with goods and products in many cases, which means that there is a higher potential for injury if you are involved in a crash with one.

In most situations, people don't have to worry much about the drivers, but when bad weather is a concern, everyone on the roads has to be more cautious. Something as simple as a mild rain shower could result in a serious collision due to sliding out of control.

A fatal distracted-driving crash can be prevented

Fatal motor vehicle accidents are some of the most traumatic that can occur. Families are left with the sudden loss of loved ones. If they survived the crash while a loved one died, the family members may feel guilt or frustration.

Many cases of fatal vehicle accidents could be avoided with better education about being safe on the roads. There are several kinds of distractions that cause many of the crashes seen today. From texting and driving to talking to other passengers, any distraction can become deadly.

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