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Don’t Let a Drunk Driver Get Away Negligent Behaviors

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2015 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident, Firm News

A wrongful death is difficult to deal with. Your entire family can be affected by the loss of a loved one. You may have to deal with losing wages on top of that, and the impact of medical bills and travel costs can mount and result in heavy debt.

When an accident resulting in a wrongful death is caused by a drunk driver, it’s important that you make sure you file a claim. The other driver’s negligence led to the situation you’re in now, so he or she is liable for the suffering your loved one went through and the impact that death has had on your family.

Sometimes, at the scene, it’s not immediately clear that someone was a drunk driver. There are a few ways you can use police records to your benefit, even if they don’t directly note the person’s blood alcohol content. For instance, can you remember how the person was tailgating you or weaving in and out of his or her lane? Was the driver drifting as he or she drove? Did he or she nearly cause an accident before the accident you were in?

Stopping erratically or swerving can also be signs of a drunk driver, and that’s a cause of concern for everyone on the road. If there were witnesses to the accident, pointing out these kinds of behaviors can help the police file a report pointing out a driver’s reckless driving, even if it wasn’t due to intoxication.

Your life has been forever changed, and compensation can’t bring back the person you love. It can help make your life easier as you move forward, though. Our website has more information on what you need to do to make a claim.