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Teen Driver Causes Serious Accident in Danbury

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Teen drivers can be dangerous, and if you’ve been in a crash with someone who is learning to drive or who has only just received his or her license, then you may feel strongly that the driver needs to learn more before getting on the road again. On top of that, you may have suffered injuries in the crash that you now have to recover from. In some cases, you may not be able to fully recover. You may want to speak with your attorney to discuss the ways you can obtain compensation for the accident, which may have been avoided if not for the other person’s negligent actions.

While you’re focusing on your case, you should know you aren’t alone in your struggle against dangerous driving. A case like yours happened in Danbury, Connecticut, when a juvenile driver lost control of his 1999 Volvo and crossed the center lines on Padanaram Road. When he did this, his vehicle struck an oncoming vehicle.

With little time to get out of the way or avoid the man’s vehicle, the oncoming vehicle was struck. The car that was hit, a 2003 Subaru, was being driven by a man who had to be taken to the hospital following the accident. Both the passenger and driver of the Volvo were taken to the same hospital for treatment, too.

In the initial police reports, there were no indications of charges being placed. Right now, the police are investigating the crash to see what caused the young man to cross the yellow lines and cause the accident.

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