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Does Connecticut Have a Drunk-Driving Problem?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2016 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident, Firm News

Living in Connecticut, you want to feel you’re safe when you drive through your neighborhood or to work. It’s important to know that local laws and ordinances are reducing the risk of accidents and helping you stay safe.

Connecticut does have a high risk of drunk drivers being on the road, though, and that could put your life in danger. What can you do if you are hit? You may be able to seek compensation for your injuries, and this information could help you build your case.

Connecticut has its fair share of car accidents, but some good news is that the number of drunk-driving fatalities has dropped. A report from 2016 showed that data released based on 2014 collisions was able to prove that drunk-driving fatalities had dropped overall, but that doesn’t mean that Connecticut is safe as far as intoxicated drivers go.

According to the report, Connecticut still ranks up with a few other states as one of the highest states for percentages of drunk driving accidents involving fatalities. In the state, that equals 97 drunk-driving crash fatalities out of 248 fatalities in all accidents. That’s 39 percent of the state’s total fatalities.

The United States average is only 31 percent, showing how severe the problem really is in Connecticut. While it’s fortunate that the number of people dying in accidents is reducing, tests showed that 43 percent of drivers who were killed in accidents tested positive for alcohol in their systems. On top of that, another 19 percent tested positive for marijuana, which could indicate that they had been intoxicated by both alcohol and the drug.

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