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You Can Make a Claim After a Multi-Vehicle Collision

On Behalf of | May 5, 2016 | Car Accidents, Firm News

When you’re hit by a truck, your life can change in an instant. The accident can get even worse if there are multiple people involved, which sometimes happens. With multiple vehicles, you sometimes get a combination of smaller cars and commercial trucks. These vehicles are large and often overpowered when compared to a smaller passenger vehicle, making it more likely for you to suffer serious injuries or to be killed in an accident.

Sometimes, it’s multiple-car accidents that end up involving a semi or other large vehicle, because the larger trucks can’t stop in time to avoid the crash. For instance, if you’re on a highway and have to stop quickly, the car behind you may collide with you. In the moments after that, other vehicles must stop as well, but anyone traveling at a high speed in a large vehicle may have trouble stopping as quickly as he or she should.

Is that a reason to file a claim? It can be. If the driver was negligently speeding or following too closely from behind, you could have a case against him or her. It’s important that people know that they can stop in enough time, which is why you should always travel with space between your vehicle and the vehicles in front of you.

Our website has more information on car accidents and what to do if you’ve become a victim of a multi-vehicle accident. Your life was put in danger by another person’s negligence, so it’s fair that you get to seek compensation from his or her insurance carrier or from him or her personally if he or she was not insured.