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The Risks of Being in a Crash Compared to the Highest Risk State

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2016 | Car Accidents, Firm News

In all 50 states, you’re always going to be at risk of being in a car accident. There is no easy way to avoid them; there are far too many factors to determine a single way to keep yourself and family safe.

What you can do is look at data to determine the safer areas of the country. For example, in Connecticut, you have a 1/13,029 chance of being involved in a car crash and a 1/6,672 chance of being killed in a car accident. Connecticut ranks 41st out of the states in terms of the probability of dying in a car crash.

In 2013, Connecticut had 276 deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents. The state has 2,534,090 licensed drivers out of a population of 3,596,080.

Compared to the top state for fatal crashes, Connecticut residents have it easy. In Montana, the number one state, the probability of being in a fatal crash is 1/2,302. In 2013, there were 229 deaths, nearly as many as Connecticut, but with significantly fewer people on the roads. There are only 766,716 licensed drivers in Montana. It’s also the state where drivers are most likely to hit stationary objects.

While the number of people who are hurt or killed varies by state and location, any time a person is involved in a crash is tragic. If you’re hurt, it’s important to seek out compensation from the person responsible to help yourself. A civil case or settlement helps you get what you need, while the police can pursue criminal charges if they’re necessary after the crash.

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