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6-Vehicle Crash Leaves 3 with Injuries in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Car crashes can change lives in a moment. Many of them are avoidable, especially when it comes to those in intersections. If drivers pay attention, take turns or follow the appropriate signals and stay aware of their surroundings, it’s possible to avoid most accidents completely.

It’s not clear what caused this accident, but it resulted in multiple people suffering injuries and someone will be held accountable. At the intersection of Trout Brook Drive and Albany Avenues, a six-car accident sent several people to the hospital. According to the news report about the scene, the accident took place at around 4:00 p.m.

So far, no details have been released about the cause of the accident, but at least one of the vehicles involved was a Connecticut State Police SUV. Four of the vehicles involved in the accident sustained heavy damage. Additionally, of the people involved, three had to go to the hospital for the treatment of nonlife-threatening injuries. The investigation is ongoing in this case, and it may be in yours, too. It’s a good idea to stay informed on what the investigation concludes.

If the other driver, or several other drivers are found responsible for the accident, you’ll be in a position to seek compensation from their insurance carriers or from them personally.

Crashes like this one aren’t severe, but they have the potential to cause lasting injuries and trauma. Whether you suffer emotional or physical injuries, it’s important that you get what you need after a crash. The person responsible should be held liable and pay for the lost wages, medical needs and other damages you have.

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