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Merritt Parkway Not Suitable for Large Trucks Due to Low Bridges

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News

When low overpasses run across highways, there’s no way that large vehicles can fit under them. Trying to do so puts others in danger, since the vehicle could end up colliding with the bridges and walkways. Slamming on the brakes to prevent a crash could actually cause one, too.

A fatal accident in Greenwich shows that trucks shouldn’t go on the Merritt Parkway. According to the story, there are signs that prohibit commercial vehicles from entering the highway, but that doesn’t stop all drivers from entering. On Merritt Parkway, there are low-hanging overpasses, and that’s a problem because of the height of semi-trailers.

Some signs along the route and on-ramps have information on overpass heights, but despite that, commercial drivers are still entering the highway and putting others in danger. None of the overpasses on the area have the ability to accommodate large vehicles.

In the latest crash, a tractor-trailer stopped suddenly, causing an accident when the vehicle behind him slammed into its rear. The tractor-trailer never should have been on the roadway to begin with. The police have not ticketed or charged the driver for the crash, but entering the highway was an illegal act.

The police report that they receive 911 calls every day alerting them to commercial drivers on the parkway. Many people entering it are driving rental vehicles, like U-Hauls, but they don’t realize that their vehicle doesn’t belong on the roadway. Since they’re not driving a commercial vehicle for work, they think their vehicle is fine, but it’s not, and it puts others in harm’s way.

Source: CT Post, “Fatal Greenwich accident underscores trucks not fit for Merritt,” Cedar Attanasio and John Nickerson, Nov. 03, 2017