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Wrong-Way Driver Leads to Injuries After Entering the Highway

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2018 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

When a driver is too tired, inebriated or otherwise incapable of driving, he or she should not be on the roads. Even if a driver is attempting to be safe, errors made could put others at risk.

Take, for example, wrong-way drivers. These drivers enter the highway or a roadway on the wrong side, driving against the flow of traffic. It’s extremely dangerous; even though drivers can see the person coming, they may not be expecting him or her to be in the way. That leads to serious collisions.

That’s what happened in this case out of Connecticut, reported in the early hours of March 23. The crash, which involved a driver headed the wrong way on Route 9, led to minor injuries when the driver collided with another vehicle.

According to the Connecticut State Police, there is no known reason for the driver entering the highway incorrectly. The investigation is still ongoing.

In situations like this, even minor injuries can mean a trip to the hospital. Getting stitches for a laceration, requiring a checkup to monitor a patient for whiplash or a concussion or even having a simple X-ray to rule out broken bones can lead to expenses and time away from work. If you’re involved in a crash and suffer from any injuries at all, you have a right to look into obtaining compensation. An insurance agent may contact you to determine a fair settlement, but it’s in your best interests to work with someone who can help you negotiate the right deal while you focus on your recovery.

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