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HAZMAT Crashes: The Threat of Hazardous Materials

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2018 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

Getting into a truck accident is bad enough, but what happens if the truck is carrying hazardous materials? That is a question that could be the defining factor in your situation. If the hazardous materials spill, they could be extremely damaging to your vehicle and cause injury to those inside.

The kinds of hazardous materials trucks carry vary from water and gasoline to highly toxic materials and acids. To prevent these materials from hurting people in a crash, the trucks and tankers generally have several layers of protection. Unfortunately, a leak could lead to fires, acid burns and other problems.

What happens if a hazmat truck is involved in a crash?

The primary concern in any crash is getting the victims the help they need. At the scene, the fire department or others assisting the victims may need to wait for information about the HAZMAT material exposure that has occurred. While taking a victim of a crash to safety is a priority, you still need to know what other factors could be affecting his or her health.

For example, if the car catches on fire, you’ll want to know what caused the fire. If it’s acidic, then victims may need special treatments to prevent burns on their skin from worsening due to exposure to the acid and fire together.

The HAZMAT team may need to come to the scene to perform a cleanup operation following any spill, depending on the environmental damage the material could cause. The police may need to submit a special HAZMAT supplemental form, which you should get a copy of for your insurance claim or lawsuit.