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Drinking and driving can have devastating effects

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | Car Accidents

Alcohol and driving can be a deadly mix; however, some Connecticut residents may have been involved in and may have sustained injuries from motor vehicle accidents. Although it is common knowledge that drinking and driving are not compatible, many people still get behind the wheel after having had a few drinks.

Recent studies show that just as many, if not more motor vehicle accidents occur when the drivers’ blood alcohol concentrations register less than the allowable legal limit; however, those who die or sustain injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents tend to be individuals other than the drivers. Also, young people are more likely to die in motor vehicle accidents involving low blood alcohol levels as opposed to other age groups. Meanwhile, some states are passing legislation aimed at decreasing the legal blood alcohol concentration as it pertains to drinking and driving.

Research conducted at the Boston Medical Center revealed that alcohol impairment can begin with a blood alcohol level as low as .03%, and it is possible that those who get behind the wheel may feel fine, although they may be impaired. They might feel confident and may not attempt to err on the side of caution; therefore, they may be increasing the odds of a motor vehicle accident that could cause injury or death. One recommendation came out of the Boston study: those who have drunk any alcohol at all should not drive.

Someone affected by an MVA may suffer from lost wages and increasing medical bills; however, insurance companies may want to settle for less than the amount that is needed by the injured party. Those who need peace of mind may feel as if they have nowhere to turn. They may benefit from receiving advice from a knowledgeable professional who has a sympathetic and compassionate ear. An experienced attorney who is a strong litigator may negotiate with insurance companies to obtain a more positive settlement.