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The roads are speeding up

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2020 | Car Accidents, Child Injury, Pedestrian Accidents, Personal Injury

With most people at home right now, it is something of a surprise to see anyone doing much driving. Yet, the newly empty roads are offering people an old temptation: speed.

According to a report from the New York Times, people now see the open roads as an opportunity to press the gas pedal. While it might seem tempting, higher speeds can lead to more devastating accidents when they happen.

What is the speed limit here anyway?

Anyone who’s driven through rural towns in Connecticut is familiar with speed traps, but speed limits are not meant to be cash cows. They are there to protect people. Speed is intrinsically linked to safe driving and each speed limit is set based on certain criteria such as:

  • The type of road: Is it on a hill, made of dirt, rural or highway?
  • Location: Is it near a highway or at an intersection?
  • Traffic controls: Are there stoplights and signage?
  • History: How many accidents have happened here?

Connecticut is incredibly stringent in setting and certifying the speed limits throughout the state to keep everyone safe.

If there is no one around, is it a big deal?

Speeding in any vehicle means that it is difficult to control. It makes it difficult to stop and to make maneuvers to avoid other vehicles. While some might think that doesn’t mean much when there is no one on the road right now, the reality is that cars were never the only things on the road.

Yes. It is.

Joggers, walkers and bicyclists are all out in force in many places. Even on chilly days, people go out to get fresh air and keep their distance. These people are still vulnerable to drivers ignoring the rules of the road. And at higher speeds, injuries to pedestrians are even more devastating than they would be.

Following the speed limits now is probably a bigger deal than it will be at any other time, and it’s not like there is any need for anyone to rush.