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Strategies for avoiding fatal car crashes

On Behalf of | May 15, 2020 | Car Accidents

In 2016, 40,200 people in Connecticut and across the United States died in car accidents. That figure was provided by the National Safety Council, and it represented a 6% increase from 2015. There was also a 7% increase in traffic fatalities from 2014 to 2015. There are several theories as to why accident deaths have gone up in recent years.

More people drive when economic times are good

A strong economy generally means that more people are on the road. If more people are on the road, there is a strong likelihood that there will be more accidents, which will likely lead to a larger number of traffic fatalities. However, research indicates that the number of fatal crashes per mile driven has increased as well. Therefore, some believe that distracted driving could be making roads and highways more dangerous.

Traffic laws may not be enforced in a consistent manner

Some people contend that states can be doing more to keep drivers and others from being involved in fatal crashes. For instance, having more police officers patrolling roadways may help them catch vehicles traveling faster than posted speed limits. It may also be a good idea to allow officers to stop drivers who are not wearing seat belts while their vehicles are moving. In many cases, not wearing a safety belt is not enough to conduct a traffic stop.

There may be ways to reduce the risk of a car accident

Safety advocates believe that it may be possible to reduce fatal accident rates by prohibiting all drivers from using their cellphones. Requiring the use of ignition interlock devices may also help to reduce the number of drunk or impaired drivers on the road. Finally, requiring all drivers to wear safety belts may reduce the risk of being seriously hurt in a crash.

If you have been hurt in an auto accident, it might be wise to consult with a personal injury attorney. An attorney may review a case and develop a strategy to help you obtain compensation for your injuries.