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Study shows mild brain injury progression can be detected early

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Personal Injury

Catastrophic brain injuries are some of the worst medical issues accident victims face in rehabilitation. Post traumatic stress disorders can range from very serious neurological damage to relatively mild cases of impact trauma. Most brain injuries actually fall into the lower damage category when compensation claims are being evaluated. The good news for injured Connecticut residents is that researchers have now developed a predictability tool in identifying injured victims who are at risk for ongoing neurological decline. Expected worsening of a brain injury has been the subject of speculation in the past for those seeking general financial damages for ongoing pain-and-suffering resulting from an accident producing neurological problem.

A recent study conducted by the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR), a division of the NIH, has concluded that there are specific molecules in the blood stream that can be present before mild traumatic injuries worsen. This positive diagnosis could potentially give personal injury attorneys a verified study that can be used in predicting the level of ongoing medical issues an injured client will endure with time. Head injuries can often begin as seemingly benign medical problems only to manifest later with little chance of effective treatment.

The study was conducted on selected military personnel who had suffered mild traumatic brain injuries against those who have suffered none, and it found that the molecules existed in only the injured soldiers. Some studies were also conducted on participants with multiple TBIs as well. The study diagnosis indicated the tissue surrounding the damaged neurological area of the body was releasing the molecules into the blood stream as part of the natural physical response to the injury.

This medical information can be crucial to proper financial compensation at the time of a settlement, as injured claimants typically provide a release for further medical coverage when accepting an injury claim offer. The general damages component of any injury claim is the element of a claim where Connecticut personal injury attorneys work most diligently in obtaining maximum whole benefits for their clients. Medical evidence that identifies those most at risk for further damage development can be very effective evidence when claims are being settled.