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Study shows accident link between driver age and vehicle type

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2020 | Car Accidents

A recent study conducted by the Center for Injury Research and Prevention found troubling similarities in the driving experiences of drivers in their teens when compared to those who have reached 65 years of age or older. First, these two age groups face a higher risk of becoming involved in accidents than other drivers who share the road with them. Drivers in these age groups also tend to increase their chances of getting into an accident by driving cars that score low for safety ratings. Experts on automobile safety in Connecticut hope to increase the safety on roads by using this information.

The group published the findings of the study in Traffic Injury Prevention, and experts say the numbers demonstrate the importance for drivers in both groups to place more priority on driving safer cars.

The specifics of the study showed that younger drivers were involved in more crashes than drivers in all other age groups. These young drivers were also more likely to hone their driving skills while in command of cars that are older, smaller and lacking advanced safety features.

Drivers who are 65 and older face a greater risk of fatal injury from traffic accidents. Many of the crashes involving this age group is attributed to the physical changes that accompany advanced aging. Drivers in all age groups suffered more fatalities when they lived in lower-income neighborhoods.

The authors of the study assessed the impact car type has on both the frequency and outcome of an accident. Researchers accomplished this feat by accessing the VINs for all vehicles involved in accidents in New Jersey from 2010 to 2017. This researches to measure how much effect factors such as model year, vehicle type, engine power, presence of airbags and electronic stability capabilities had on accident statistics.

The conclusions are that age and income play large roles in the ability of a driver from any age group to obtain a safe vehicle. But more importantly, it is clear that drivers from all demographic groups are safer when driving a newer car that possesses the latest safety features.

Automobile accidents can cause significant injuries and loss of property in an instant. Compensation is available to most accident victims, but many individuals hurt their claim efforts by going the process alone. People who suffer injuries or property damage in a car accident may have a better chance of receiving adequate compensation by working with a personal injury attorney.