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5 easy ways for Hartford to reduce pedestrian accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2020 | Car Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents

About 30% of Hartford residents do not own cars and rely on public transportation and walking to run daily errands. Data from the University of Connecticut show local roads in Hartford are far deadlier than nearby interstates. The university reports 38,110 crashes over a recent 5.5-year period that claimed 72 lives and injured many thousands of others. The data shows that some simple changes made within Hartford city limits likely would save lives and greatly reduce the number of pedestrian accidents each year.

Reduce and standardize city speed limits

The faster vehicles travel, the more likely they will cause injuries and deaths in accidents. Vehicles traveling 40 mph cause death when striking pedestrians about 45% of the time while those going 25 mph result in deaths about 7% of the time. A 25 mph speed limit on all city streets would save more lives and prevent more accidents from happening.

More speed bumps in more neighborhoods

Few things slow cars more than a speed bump that really sends a jolt through the chassis when you drive over it too quickly. More strategically located speed bumps in local neighborhoods will help keep pedestrians safe by slowing down drivers coming through.

Improve pedestrian infrastructure

Making pedestrian crosswalks shorter where possible and adding refuge medians to give pedestrians relatively safe havens between traffic lanes would reduce potential car-pedestrian accidents. Those who cannot cross quickly have a refuge that protects them against traffic while turning the crossing into a two-part affair when needed.

Give pedestrians more time to cross streets

Adjusting crosswalk signals so that pedestrians have more time to enter crosswalks will make them more visible and less prone to being run over by inattentive drivers. All four-way stops at city intersections would be safer with crossing lights installed.

Put cameras in school zones

Since school kids are particularly vulnerable pedestrians, they need extra protection. Placing traffic cameras in school zones will slow drivers down.

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