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Expansion of accident safety analysis tool receives new funding

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Personal Injury

Safety on the highways is a priority for all government transportation safety agencies, and any measures they can take for improvement are seriously considered. States compile comprehensive statistics regarding highway accidents in a wide variety of applications ranging from big-rig collision fatalities and other associated statistics to minor collisions that involve specific common injuries. Even seemingly low-level impacts can result in catastrophic injury when passengers in vulnerable areas of a car are struck by an oncoming vehicle. Now, the Connecticut state government has decided to extend funding of the Department of Transportation safety analysis tool that has already been in place for a significant time.

Medical professionals and Connecticut attorneys have long realized that driver behavior figures into many personal injury claims following accidents within the state. In an attempt to reduce accident injuries and fatalities as much as possible, the Connecticut DOT has been studying material case facts involving driver behavior in hopes of identifying steps they can take to reduce numbers in both areas.

The initial purpose of the tool was to identify more methods and potential locations where improvements can be attainable. One particular mission of the agency is upgrading the software package being utilized to a more effective measurement ability in recognizing additional driver behavior outside of distractions or other reckless activity while in the vehicle. Accidents can happen in a moment’s notice, and they often occur while traveling at high speeds or in congested traffic. These accidents are particularly catastrophic when pileups occur, often due to minor details of single driver behavior.

Accident injury claims may require an independent investigation by accident attorneys because state budget restrictions can limit the amount of time the DOT or local law enforcement agencies have to invest in any particular collision. Details matter in all accident claim cases, and better analysis tools result in more accurate findings when cases are evaluated for financial compensation for injured victims. The victim of a car accident may wish to consult a personal injury attorney to learn more about pursuing compensation.