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Who has protection under Connecticut’s Vulnerable User Law?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2022 | Personal Injury

Vulnerable users have legal protections on Connecticut roads. According to Senate Bill No. 336 Public Act No. 14-31, a person who does not demonstrate reasonable care and injures or causes the death of a vulnerable user faces up to a $1,000 fine in addition to other penalties.

See below if you have questions about vulnerable users and how Connecticut classifies them. Knowing your legal status is the first step in receiving compensation for your injuries in a pedestrian accident.

Who are vulnerable users?

The Act Concerning the Penalty for Causing Harm to a Vulnerable User of a Public Way defines a vulnerable user as:

  1. A pedestrian
  2. a person using an animal as transportation
  3. A cyclist
  4. A skateboarder, roller skater or in-line skater
  5. A highway worker
  6. An agricultural worker operating a tractor
  7. A person in a wheelchair or motorized chair
  8. A blind person along with their service animal

What is a public way?

In addition to the categories of users listed above, they must use a “public way” to fall under the definition of the vulnerable user. Connecticut considers public roads, highways, streets, alleys, avenues, parkways, driveways or any other place under the state’s ownership. Additionally, if a private place becomes appropriated or sanctioned for temporary public use, the users of that place become vulnerable users for the time being.

You become a vulnerable user whenever you use a public roadway without a motor vehicle. As long as you exercise reasonable caution, you should have legal protections that favor your safety over the inconvenience of motorists.