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How Common Are Serious Childhood Injuries?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2015 | Child Injury, Firm News

Childhood injuries can result in a lifetime of pain or disability for kids, and many can be avoided. Things like pedestrian accidents, where a vehicle collides with a child in the road or in a parking lot, can result in paralysis or head injuries, broken bones or death. These are just some of the risks to children that parents and others need to be cautious about.

Even if these injuries are unintentional, they add up. Over 12,000 people die every year while under the age of 19 because of these accidental injuries. Whether it’s drowning, falling, being hit by a car, or being burned, these accidents cost lives.

What’s interesting is that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has taken data on these unintentional injuries and discovered that males are more likely to be injured or killed than females. The death rate for males was nearly two times higher than for females.

The top reason for the death of children has been related to transportation. The highest rates of death were attributed to car accidents, but pedestrian and cyclist accidents are also leading causes of death.

Children are often the ones who suffer from childhood injuries because of their small sizes and the possibility that drivers aren’t expecting them to be on the roads. Late-night activities can be dangerous for children, so those wanting to be proactive should make sure to travel in groups and to have lighting or reflective clothing at the ready to protect children and to make sure they can be seen.