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Protecting Children’s Rights And Maximizing Compensation

When your child suffers a serious or fatal injury, the actions you take immediately following their injury are crucial. Before agreeing to any kind of compensation or settlement, or even talking to your insurance or someone else’s, you need to speak with an attorney. An experienced and compassionate personal injury attorney can help you make the right choices for your children.

At Sheffy, DeNigris, Grey & Bedard, LLP, our Southington child injury lawyers are committed to vindicating the rights of injured children throughout Connecticut. We understand that when children get hurt, entire families suffer. We view it as our job to help families hold negligent and reckless people accountable for their actions through the legal system. Our firm aggressively litigates these claims for clients in Hartford, Bristol, Wolcott and throughout the state.

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Types Of Child Injury Cases We Handle

Children are susceptible to many of the same accidents as adults, but their injuries are often more serious and can have a long-term impact on the child’s life. We pursue personal injury claims on behalf of children who were hurt in a variety of circumstances.

Some examples of the claims we handle are:

  • Children hurt in auto accidents
  • Children struck by vehicles while riding bicycles
  • Children attacked by dogs or other animals
  • Injuries suffered at a school
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • School bus accidents

Long-Term Repercussions Of Child Injuries

Children are still growing and developing – both physically and mentally. A serious accident can significantly impede their growth and cause long-term mental or physical challenges. The compensation awarded in a child injury case must account for these potential long-term effects.

On top of immediate medical care, the child may require:

  • Surgeries or treatment related to the injury later on in life
  • Ongoing therapy
  • Medical devices
  • Adjustments to education
  • More extensive supervision

What Makes A Child’s Personal Injury Case Different?

Child injury claims often involve both personal injury and probate court proceedings. Depending on the amount, Connecticut law requires that certain settlements or judgments in favor of minors be approved by the probate court. Parents or guardians need to open a restricted account with the money held until the minor reaches age 18.

Connecticut law does not allow minors to start a lawsuit in their own name. Legal actions are brought by the parents, guardians or responsible parties who have the child’s best interests at heart. Waiting for the child to turn 18 is not necessary.

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