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Ice Skating Injuries: Filing a Claim Against Negligent Parties

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2017 | Child Injury, Firm News

After your child suffers an injury ice skating, is the ice skating rink’s owner liable? In some cases, you may find that your child does have a right to file a claim.

There are some limitations to consider. First, it’s normal to file a claim for negligence, but if your child knew the risks, and you knew the risks, and no negligence took place, you may not have a claim. For example, if you go to a skating rink that is well-maintained to help your child train for an ice skating competition, you go into the rink knowing there is a risk of injury. Since the owner took care of the rink, it’s unlikely you’d be able to make a claim.

However, if your child is hurt because the ice is slushy in one section due to a lack of refrigeration or if your child is hurt because the wall has splintered, then that might be a situation where the owner can be held liable. It’s the owner’s responsibility to maintain the facility to a high standard, especially when he or she runs it as a business and is expecting customers. There’s never an excuse for hazards that are unattended to, especially if the manager or owner has been made aware.

Most states have their own laws in regards to ice and roller rink injuries that your attorney can help you understand if your child is hurt. Additionally, if your child was hurt as a direct result of another person’s intent to cause harm or due to negligence, then that individual might be liable for your child’s injuries.

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