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Do Trucks Ever Run into Low Bridges?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2015 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

If you’ve ever driven behind a semi-truck while going under a bridge or overpass in Connecticut, you’ve probably had a slight fear that the truck was not going to clear the bridge. What if it slammed into the bridge, came to a grinding halt and you slammed into the back of the truck? What if parts and debris were thrown into the road, damaging your car, causing injuries and leading to secondary accidents?

This isn’t an irrational fear. Trucks definitely hit bridges with a fair amount of regularity, though it isn’t too common in some places. It really depends on the bridge heights, which differ based on the state regulations and geography.

A standard truck fits under any bridge, most of the time. Over-sized loads, though, do not always make it. If a truck ahead of you has any non-standard load, be careful when it gets to a bridge. The driver may be used to making it with ease every time, but that doesn’t mean the over-sized load will fit.

It’s also important to read the road signs to see if there are any abnormally low bridges. There is one bridge that is 11 feet and eight inches tall, for example, which is far lower than the standard. It sustains many impacts from semis, moving trucks, box trucks and dump trucks. If a low bridge is coming and you’re behind a truck, it’s always better to back off in case there is a wreck.

If you are involved in an accident due to a truck driver’s mistake, though, he or she may be liable for the damages and injuries.

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