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What are some common ways individuals miss signs of a TBI?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2024 | Personal Injury

A traumatic brain injury, otherwise known as a TBI, can happen due to a sudden jolt to the head. However, many individuals often overlook or misinterpret the signs of a TBI.

Understanding the common ways people miss these signs is important for promoting quick and safe recoveries and for pursuing fair compensation when another party is at fault for the injury.

Ignoring minor head injuries

One common mistake is dismissing minor head injuries as insignificant. Even seemingly harmless bumps or falls can cause TBI symptoms, such as headaches or confusion. Ignoring these symptoms accidentally allows the injury to worsen over time.

Failing to recognize delayed symptoms

Another challenge is recognizing delayed symptoms of a TBI. While some symptoms appear immediately after the injury, others may show up days or even weeks later. Tiredness, memory problems and odd mood changes are symptoms that individuals often attribute to other causes.

Normalizing symptoms

Many individuals normalize TBI symptoms, believing they are just part of daily life or aging. For example, difficulty concentrating or irritability may just seem like stress. However, continuing symptoms are a red flag, as they could point to a more serious underlying condition.

Not getting educated about TBI

A lack of awareness about TBI signs and symptoms can also contribute to this problem. Without proper education, individuals may not recognize the danger of their symptoms. Increasing public awareness and education about TBIs is important for early detection.

No matter what they do or where they go, individuals should proactively protect their brain health. A TBI can seriously impact a person’s ability to live and work as usual.