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Tips for Keeping Children Safe During the Summer

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2016 | Child Injury, Firm News

As a parent, you may be more worried about an injury to your child in the summer months. Kids are out of school, and they’re spending a lot more time outside — playing sports, swimming at the lake or just hanging out with friends. To keep them safe, use these tips from the Centers for Disease Control .

1. Use life jackets when you’re out on boats or when young children are playing in the water.

2. Know what steps to take so that you can help your child avoid a Recreational Water Illness. Steps include checking chlorine levels, staying out of the pool when sick and showering before and after using a public pool.

3. Understand what can protect your kids’ young skin from ultraviolet rays. You may want to consider using full spectrum sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and umbrellas.

4. Know what signs can indicate that a child has a concussion, like dizziness, memory loss, vomiting and disorientation.

5. Be aware of common types of injuries and how they occur, allowing you to be extra careful when there is danger. You may also be able to help children avoid high-risk activities that could lead to falls, drownings, burns or traffic injuries.

According to the CDC, 9 million children from birth to age 19 end up in emergency rooms every year. Over 9,000 of them die from their injuries. This is much more serious than a lot of people think and it’s quite important for parents to know how to keep their kids safe in Connecticut and to know what legal options they have when injuries do occur.

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