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Amusement Parks: Thrills or Terror After Summer of Accidents?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2016 | Child Injury, Firm News

The summer is a great time to head to amusement parks, but a fun day out can quickly sour if something goes wrong. Amusement park safety has been scrutinized recently due to a number of accidents that have taken place. At least five kids have been killed or injured on rides in the week leading up to Aug.14, and a sixth child was hurt in May.

The accidents vary, some being unusual and even unheard of in the past. In one situation, a 10-year-old boy was killed on a water slide. In another, a 3-year-old boy fell out of a roller coaster. So, is an amusement park really safe?

Statistically, yes. There are around 335 million visitors to the 405 amusement parks and attractions within the United States every year. Annually, an average of 2.5 people are killed at the parks. By statistics alone, the injuries and deaths that take place are few and far between, and in most states, these parks are regulated to prevent injuries.

It will always be hard to tell how safe a particular ride is before you get on it, unless you know its mechanics. Statistics collected by the National Safety Council have reported around 1,146 injuries at these parks due to rides every year, with 111 of those being very serious.

Know that most parks, particularly parks like Disneyland and other major chains, do hold their rides to high standards. They are not without risks, though. If you or a loved one is hurt, you may have to a long recovery time, depending on your injuries. Fortunately, these parks can be held liable for your injuries. Connecticut personal injury attorneys can provide help and guidance.

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