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Who Is Liable in a Bus Crash?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2016 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

When you’re a rider on a tour bus, you probably think that it’s the driver who can be held liable for any issues that arise on the trip. Interestingly, while the driver could be held liable, the company is likely to be as well. There may even be third parties who can be held accountable in a crash.

Why do people get hurt in bus accidents?

It’s not common that tour bus accidents take place, but when they do, insurance claims and lawsuits can be commonplace. There is a lack of safety restraints on many buses — that means some people may get hurt in an accident. On top of that, there are loose bags and items that people could be hit with when the crash occurs, causing further injuries.

Who can be held liable for a bus accident?

Buses are common carriers, which means they are vehicles used to transport goods or people for compensation. If you’re planning on making a claim against the company, then it will likely be either for negligence or a willful act that led to your injuries. For instance, if the driver was sick and falls asleep before crashing the bus, you can claim negligence on behalf of the driver and the company for allowing the driver to get behind the wheel.

In other cases, proving who is liable can be a little harder. For example, a school may hire a bus service to take kids to and from locations. If there’s an accident, the driver, bus company or even the school may be held liable depending on the circumstances of the accident.

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