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Man Charged for Crash That Killed Driver on Interstate 95

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2016 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident, Firm News

As someone who drives to work, school or activities, you know that even if you drive safely, there are people who don’t. Those people, those who are distracted, drunk or negligent behind the wheel, put your life and the lives of others at risk. If you’re injured, you have every right to pursue compensation from the negligent party. You could sue or seek a settlement from their insurance carrier requesting compensation for damages like medical costs and lost wages. If you lose a loved one in a fatal motor vehicle crash, then you can pursue a claim for compensation for your loss.

The family of this victim could do the same. The driver who caused an accident that killed a truck driver has been charged. According to the CT Post’s Sept. 29 report, the accident took place when a 35-year-old man crashes into the truck driver’s Mac truck. He sideswiped the Mac with a Mercedes E350 from the middle lane, forcing the truck to collide with a guardrail. It flipped onto its side after the collision and caught on fire.

The vehicle, which was carrying raw sewage, dumped out the sewage all over Interstate 95. The highway had to be shut down while the accident was taken care of; police reported that the 64-year-old truck driver was pronounced dead at the scene. It took emergency workers eight hours to remove him from his cab.

The 35-year-old man has been charged with driving under the influence in relation to this accident. He was not injured in the crash, and the news has not reported if the family of the man will bring a claim against him.

Source: CT Post, “Car driver charged in I-95 crash that killed trucker,” Jim Shay, Sep. 29, 2016