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Minor Injuries Suffered as a Result of Wrong-Way Crash

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2017 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

When a driver is on the wrong side of a highway, he or she puts everyone’s lives at risk. A driver headed south in northbound lanes or vice versa could collide with someone head-on, which can result in serious injuries. Even if a crash doesn’t take place directly, other drivers may have a veer out of the way to avoid a collision, causing them to crash their vehicles without impacting the oncoming vehicle.

That happened in this case, but those who tried to get out of the way couldn’t. A wrong-way driver on I-95 caused a serious collision that left two with minor injuries. According to the state police spokeswoman, the 25-year-old man had been headed south in a northbound lane when he approached Exit 40 near Woodmont Road. It was around 3:57 a.m.

The man was driving a Buick Encore in the left lane when he came upon a truck being driven by another man; the truck driver swerved into the center median to avoid a collision. Despite this, the right-front corners of the vehicles collided, causing the truck to collide with the median and stop in the left lane. The Buick rolled after impact, resting in the right lane. Another tractor-trailer had been approaching and swerved to the left to avoid the overturned Buick. The driver was unable to avoid the entire collision, striking the other tractor-trailer in the left-hand lane.

One truck driver and the driver of the Buick had to be taken to the hospital for medical care. Fortunately, the second truck driver was not injured.

Instances like this should always be avoidable; there is no reason for a driver to be in the wrong lane. If you’re hit in this kind of crash, you do have a right to seek compensation and insurance coverage.

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