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A Settlement Offer: You Should Consider Your Options Closely

On Behalf of | May 26, 2017 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

There’s nothing quite as terrifying as realizing you’re going to be hit by a tractor-trailer. These vehicles weigh thousands of pounds, and they have the ability to crush your vehicle on impact. If the truck rolls, it can completely collapse your vehicle’s frame, trapping or pinning you inside.

After your accident, you had to be removed from your vehicle with the Jaws of Life. You suffered severe injuries, and you’ve been in the hospital for quite some time recovering. Now, you just want to know what to expect when the insurance company contacts you.

In situations like yours, it’s a good idea to allow your attorney to negotiate with the insurance company or the party responsible for compensating you following an accident. It’s normal to receive an informal settlement request before the case goes to trial, but the settlement may not be enough to cover your costs or what you’ll need in the future.

Settlement offers normally pass back and forth between your party and the party at fault. It’s typical to use arbitration methods to come up with an appropriate settlement plan. Sometimes, the first offer is appropriate for the case, and other times your attorney may collect more information on your medical conditions to gain leverage and to get you a higher settlement.

If you accept a settlement, you are agreeing that you will not pursue further litigation in connection to the accident. Consider this before you decide to take a settlement. Your attorney will talk to you about your options for compensation outside a settlement before you decide what you want to do.

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