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Winter Hazards Aren’t Gone Yet, Be Prepared to Protect Yourself

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News

The winter is nearly over, but even in spring, there is a risk of a winter weather-related accident. Snow, sleet, ice and freezing temperatures make the roads risky for anyone, even the most experienced drivers. To stay safe, you need to prepare yourself for wet, slick roads and other drivers.

Every year, 1,300 people are killed in motor vehicle accidents that take place on icy, snowy or slushy pavement. These conditions are of a predictable nature, but yet they still result in crashes every year. Around 24 percent of all weather-related crashes occur in these conditions.

It’s important for drivers to slow down when the roads get wet or snowy. Statistics from Safe Winter Roads show that freeway speeds reduce by up to 13 percent and arterial road speeds reduce by up to 40 percent when the pavement is slushy or snowy. Some would argue that those speeds still aren’t slow enough.

Preparing for winter weather is simple, and it’s something you should do even now when the spring is just around the corner. To start with, winterize your vehicle and keep a charged cellphone inside. Keep a scraper and broom inside to help completely clear your windows when they’re icy, snowy or wet. Also, keep your gas tank full. This helps prevent the fuel line from freezing, which could stop you in your tracks.

Our website has more information about the hazards of getting into a crash due to weather, drowsy driving or other hazards. No matter what the situation is, every victim deserves a chance at receiving fair compensation for his or her injuries.