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Rain: A Slick, Dangerous Weather Condition

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2018 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

When you’re traveling on a highway, you’re likely surrounded by larger vehicles like semitrucks and other commercial vehicles. These vehicles are heavy and loaded with goods and products in many cases, which means that there is a higher potential for injury if you are involved in a crash with one.

In most situations, people don’t have to worry much about the drivers, but when bad weather is a concern, everyone on the roads has to be more cautious. Something as simple as a mild rain shower could result in a serious collision due to sliding out of control.

How does rain affect a driver’s ability to control a vehicle?

Initially, rain causes traffic problems including a reduction in pavement friction, lower visibility and lane obstruction. If there is flooding, then there is a potential for the lane becoming completely submerged.

Rain is likely to cause delays, slower traffic and a higher accident risk. Vehicles perform worse in the rain as well. For example, trucks traveling at 55 mph might normally take five car lengths to stop, but with rain on the roads making them slick, that could double. What that means is that people who slam on their brakes in smaller vehicles may not give truck drivers enough time to stop safely, causing collisions that impact multiple people on the roads.

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