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Will these traffic-calming measures reduce car accidents?

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2020 | Personal Injury

Connecticut officials have initiated a traffic-calming initiative with changes that are designed to reduce potential speeding offenses and reckless driving that often contribute to injury accidents. The calming measures mostly embrace two tactics to get better control of local traffic.

Lots and lots of speed bumps

Speeding is a significant factor in motor vehicle accidents that cause personal injury, so slowing down cars should reduce the number of accidents and the extent of injuries suffered. The plan in Hartford includes speed bumps placed along Flatbush Avenue to slow down the local traffic in a popular commercial area that draws lots of foot traffic as well as cars. Local officials also are looking to convert some roads into one-way streets to better control traffic flow.

Concrete buffers separate traffic and pedestrians

Another big part of the traffic-calming effort is to separate pedestrians and vehicular traffic more effectively and safely. Concrete planters arranged diagonally along Russ Street divert traffic away from high-density areas for pedestrians. The planters help to reduce traffic speed as well as reckless driving incidents in a location that also sees a lot of foot traffic.

Community input helped determine needed changed

Officials for Hartford’s Department of Public Works held meetings with local residents and community leaders to get insights into how to make city streets safer for drivers and pedestrians. The changes eventually implemented are inspired by similar improvements made in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and other locales. Whether they prove effective remains to be seen, but it does show an active effort by local officials to improve conditions for the benefit of drivers and pedestrians alike.

The traffic-calming efforts target drivers who operate their vehicles in a manner that violates the law and can cause injuries to others. Hartford officials are engaging in good civic practice, but injury accidents still happen. An attorney experienced in personal injury claims may help victims to build their case after a driver causes an injury accident.