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What might drivers overlook after an accident?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | Car Accidents

The shock of being involved in a Connecticut car accident could lead some people to make rash decisions. Pulling away from the scene and leaving opens doors to possible “leaving the scene of an accident” charges. While not everyone may make such an egregious decision, others may rush out of a vehicle, apologize, and admit fault. Sometimes, they are not even truly at fault. However, the apology may compromise these drivers during litigation.

Following advisable procedures after a car accident

Seeking medical attention might be advisable even when feeling fine. Although someone might not notice anything wrong, there could be internal injuries or other serious problems. Calling the police may be advisable, as the responding officers could compile a police report. The report might prove helpful during litigation or insurance negotiations.

A police report reflects one type of evidence, and persons involved in an accident could procure other items. Crash scene photographs, witness statements and contact information, and dashcam footage might help a case.

It seems advisable to exchange information with the other driver involved in the crash. Identifying information and insurance details are among the things to collect. Even a driver not at fault may find it valuable to contact his or her insurance company to report the accident.

Dealing with the insurance companies

Seeking legal representation after an accident might be advisable when attempting to file an insurance claim. The insurance company utilizes an adjuster to determine damages and losses. A driver may not be qualified to negotiate or deal with an adjuster. A personal injury attorney, however, might be more than capable of handling the situation. An attorney might also advise about possible legal options. Perhaps filing a lawsuit against the other driver becomes warranted.

Whether intentional or not, people may make mistakes after a motor vehicle accident. Avoiding the common ones can be crucial when seeking compensation for medical bills and other losses.