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What types of injuries can result from a dog bite?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2023 | Dog Bites

Dogs are sometimes unpredictable and bites occur more frequently than you think. Dog bite incidents are not only emotionally distressing but can also result in a range of injuries, from minor scratches to severe wounds.

Everyone should understand the potential risks associated with dog bites.

Superficial wounds

One of the most common injuries from dog bites is superficial skin wounds, often manifesting as scratches or minor cuts. These wounds can still lead to infections if not properly cleaned and treated. Even though they may not seem severe, seek medical attention to prevent complications.

Puncture wounds

Puncture wounds occur when a dog’s teeth penetrate the skin and underlying tissues. These injuries can be deceptive, as the external wound may appear small, but significant damage can occur beneath the surface. Puncture wounds are prone to infection. Assessment by a healthcare professional helps to reduce the risks.

Tendon and ligament damage

Dog bites can harm the tendons and ligaments in the affected area, leading to pain, decreased range of motion and long-term disability. Prompt medical evaluation and, in some cases, surgical repair are necessary to address these injuries properly.

Nerve damage

Nerve damage can occur if the dog’s bite impacts the nerves in the bitten area. This can result in temporary or permanent loss of sensation, weakness or paralysis.

While some dog bites result in minimal complications or injuries, others are quite serious. An average of 337,103 dog bite injuries lead to emergency room trips every year. Recognizing the risks from even minor injuries will help you seek the care that you need to reduce your risk of long-term complications.