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Put Up A Fierce Fight To Recover From A Catastrophic Injury

No one has the right to cause someone else to suffer an injury so severe, that their entire way of life changes because of it. Even if the catastrophic injury was the result of an accident from neglect or reckless behavior, the at-fault party needs to step up and be accountable for their actions. If you are the victim of such injuries, and your liable party is hiding from their responsibility, we at Sheffy, DeNigris, Grey & Bedard, LLP, can help you hold them accountable.

The cost of a catastrophic injury is considerably more than you might expect, so you need to arm yourself with an aggressive attorney who stops at nothing for your best interests. Our experience of more than five decades of representing the Connecticut community will quickly become your greatest advantage in your case. With our intense negotiation and litigation skills, we do not back down from a fight.

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Types Of Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic injury is considered to be any injury that leaves the victim with serious, long-term disabilities or effects.

We handle cases involving catastrophic injuries such as:

These types of injuries are particularly costly to treat as they often require long-term care. Victims and their families may have to make major life changes to accommodate the effects of the accident and the symptoms of the injury.

Seeking Maximum Compensation On Your Behalf

In a catastrophic injury case, we always seek the maximum compensation to ensure that you have the financial support you need far into the future. Your compensation should cover far more than just the immediate medical bills – it must also account for treatment for any long-term injuries, potential lost wages for the rest of your life, and your pain and suffering.

In situations like these, you need an unyielding legal professional who can devote the necessary time, energy and work to your complex case. At Sheffy, DeNigris, Grey & Bedard, LLP, our Southington catastrophic injury attorneys understand that you are enduring a lot – we want to step in and take the legal burden off your shoulders to allow you to focus on recovery.

Do Not Wait Another Day To Stand Up For Yourself

Both at-fault parties and their insurers pray that you do not seek an attorney to fight for your best possible compensation. Let us worry about making them pay, while you focus on your recovery. The sooner you reach out to our team, the sooner we can begin fighting on your behalf.

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