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Driving Safe in the Winter Helps Prevent Crashes
Driving Safe in the Winter Helps Prevent Crashes

Winter weather is here, and with it comes many dangers on the roads. Storms impact different regions in a variety of ways, and some areas are better prepared than others. While your area might be well-equipped to handle ice and snow, there are still some things you should ...

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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Can You Sue If You're Hurt in an Emergency Room?

    When you go to the emergency room, you're in the most dire need. You're in pain, feeling sick and aren't thinking clearly. You don't want to wait any ...

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  • Civil and Criminal Penalties of a Connecticut Drunk Driving Accident

    The sentencing of a Connecticut man who caused a fatal accident while driving drunk concludes his criminal trial. But this is not necessarily the end ...

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  • Traumatic Events Impact Children in the Long Term

    Traumatic events affect children for many years into the future. When your child suffered injuries in a car crash, you thought that he was fine, but ...

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  • Hit-And-Run Driver Turns Himself in Following Fatal Crash

    It's a horrible thought to think about anyone getting hit by a car. It's even worse to think about what would happen if no one stopped at the scene. ...

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  • Why Is an Attorney Helpful After a Car Accident?

    Millions of people in America drive, and many people do so daily. They may drive to get to work or to pick up their kids from school. They may need to ...

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  • Trucks Collide and Burst into Flames; 1 Injured

    When trucks travel on the roads, they are a higher risk to others than smaller vehicles. If a truck goes out of control, it takes up multiple lanes, ...

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  • Police Chase Ends in the Tragic Death of a 54-Year-Old Man

    When a driver is acting erratically, it's normal for the police to go out of their way to try to pull that person over. If the individual won't pull ...

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  • Organization Pushes Ct Lawmakers to Consider a Harsher DUI Penalty

    There is no question that those who choose to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs are infringing on the rights of other motorists to ...

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  • Merritt Parkway Not Suitable for Large Trucks Due to Low Bridges

    When low overpasses run across highways, there's no way that large vehicles can fit under them. Trying to do so puts others in danger, since the ...

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