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July 2015 Archives

Do trucks ever run into low bridges?

If you've ever driven behind a semi-truck while going under a bridge or overpass in Connecticut, you've probably had a slight fear that the truck was not going to clear the bridge. What if it slammed into the bridge, came to a grinding halt and you slammed into the back of the truck? What if parts and debris were thrown into the road, damaging your car, causing injuries and leading to secondary accidents?

Tips for avoiding injuries after a car crash

Car accidents are very common in Connecticut, and even the best drivers run the risk of being involved in them. However, that does not mean a car accident has to be fatal or that a driver cannot take steps to survive even if getting in the accident is out of his or her control. Below are a handful of things you should do to minimize injuries after the wreck.

Common diseases that are misdiagnosed

Now, no one in Connecticut expects doctors to be perfect all of the time, but they do have a duty of care to their patients, and this does include making the right diagnosis as often as possible. When they miss something or think a person is suffering from a different disease, valuable time can be wasted. This is especially true with degenerate diseases and things that are easily cured early but are sometimes deadly if left alone too long—like skin cancer.

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